Mental Health Disorders

A despondent young woman sits facing the viewer on the floor with her knees pulled up close and her left arm resting on them and obscuring her face.

Jackie, a good student, suddenly began to behave bizarrely. She began interrupting her instructors with bizarre statements. When instructors tried to redirect her back to the topic at hand, she would become angry.

She would also become angry with friends who tried to check in with her to find out what was wrong. Confused and hurt, her friends would just walk away. Jackie's behaviour got progressively worse, until one night she refused to come out of her room. She yelled at anyone who tried to go in to talk with her. Growing increasingly concerned, the residence hall staff ultimately called the Provincial mobile mental health unit. The professionals on that team were able to convince Jackie to go to the hospital for an assessment and possible medication evaluation. A week later Jackie was able to return to school, and although she seemed tired, she was able to perform her work and behave appropriately. She also began regular counselling sessions at the school counselling center.

Using supporting documentation from the hospital and the counsellor, Jackie was able to negotiate extensions for completing the schoolwork she had missed during the episode and subsequent hospitalization.