Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing

A young male student holding a note pad is standing next to an older male professor. Both are facing the camera. Behind them is a green blackboard containing math formulas written in white chalk.

Matthew is a first year student with hearing aids in both ears. In high school, Matthew used an FM system in the classroom to capture the instructor’s lecture. His academic success was reflected in his B+ average.

All of Matthew’s instructors, except for one, agreed to wear the FM microphone while lecturing. Matthew’s instructor leaves the microphone on his lectern and moves about the classroom freely while lecturing. Matthew’s marks are significantly lower in this class compared to his other classes. Matthew has spoken to his instructor, requesting he wear the microphone, but his instructor refused. Matthew has come to the campus Disability Services Office (DSO) seeking a solution.

The DSO arranged a meeting with the professor, explaining the need for the FM system to be used for Matthew’s success. When asked, the instructor expressed a concern that his lecture would be recorded and shared or posted outside of the classroom. The capabilities of the FM system were explained, ensuring the instructor that the lecture was not being recorded and that the student would sign a usage agreement. With this new understanding, Matthew’s instructor began using the FM system and Matthew was able to gain the full benefit of his instructor’s lectures.